Fibre Lite Uncapped

Fibre is the latest and greatest in fixed line connectivity and is now available in Newcastle! Because it uses Fibre optic cables, it’s very fast and more stable which makes it so much more reliable.

Compared to wired cables, fiber optic cables provide higher bandwidth and can transmit data over longer distances. Because fibre doesn’t use traditional copper cables it is theft and weather proof. With download times up to 100Mbps you can say bye-bye to buffering!

Fibre Lite Uncapped

Subscriptions details for Fibre Lite Uncapped internet access

Monthly Fee

10Mbps Download - 5Mbps Upload

  • Threshold 15GB per pay

20Mbps Download - 10Mbps Upload

R1 149p/m
  • Threshold 30GB per pay

30Mbps Download - 15Mbps Upload

R1 399p/m
  • Threshold 45GB per pay

40Mbps Download - 20Mbps Upload

R1 699p/m
  • Threshold 60GB per pay

50Mbps Download - 25Mbps Upload

R2 049p/m
  • Threshold 75GB per pay

100Mbps Download - 50Mbps Upload

R2 999p/m
  • Threshold 150GB per pay
  • Shared services suitable for home users or small office up to 5 users
  • Fair use limit resets every night at 12pm
  • Installation cost is R1 500 up to 30m from existing fibre network
  • Excludes Wi-Fi router or any other network devices

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